Zigzag Cycle Route a Challenge for Berliners

Cycling in most cities can be challenging enough, but one particular route in Berlin seems to be designed more for skiers than cyclists.

The prize for Berlin’s most absurd bike route would, if it existed, currently go to the Berlin suburb of Zehlendorf. On the quiet Leo-Baeck-Straße cyclists are forced along the sidewalk in a zigzag fashion. According to Tagesspiegel, the strange markings were in fact painted on the instructions of the local Environment Department.

Seemingly in June this year during a district council meeting, parent representatives from a nearby elementary school had asked for the marking of a bike path on the sidewalk opposite the Heinrich-Laehr-Park, so that junior cyclists could take a safer route to school.

For some reason, the company that was commissioned to do the work decided to paint around the many birch trees that line the path, which has unfortunately resulted in cyclists being forced to make a very sharp turn around each one. “I think it’s nice, but it should not stay that way,” commented a local councilor. The company concerned has now been asked to re-paint the path. For the children, this has proved to be great fun, but sadly they will have to find somewhere else to practice their slalom skills in future.

Berlin zigzag cycle route

Berlin’s newest slalom run – enjoy it while you can! / Image:

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