US Celebrates Germany Year Under the Motto ‘Wunderbar Together’

Starting on the German national holiday of October 3, or German Unity Day, the event whose name features the German word for wonderful is expected to feature more than 1,000 events across the US, making it the largest cultural year of its kind.

The initiatives and projects taking part in Germany Year in the US plan to present themselves in a marquee on central Berlin’s busy Potsdamer Platz square this weekend.

“The United States is our most important partner outside Europe and it is essential for the solution of many problems worldwide,” the head of the German Foreign Ministry’s culture and communications department, Andreas Goergen, said.

“That is why especially at this time we want to signal clearly that we want more exchange and understanding between our societies,” he said.

wunderbar together

Image: Janine Schmitz/

Wunderbar Together which is being promoted by the Foreign Ministry, run by the Goethe Institute and supported by German industry features more than 200 partners.

According to German news agency dpa, Goergen said the year will give people the opportunity to talk outside the usual official channels; for that reason the year’s events would also take place outside the major cities.

The weekend’s events are scheduled to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the US airlift to break a post-World War II Soviet blockade of West Berlin, the Berlin breakdance troupe Flying Steps, author readings and political speeches.

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