Surf’s Up at new Frankfurt Beach Gym

A new sports center in Frankfurt is offering its members a rather unique alternative to the usual workout zone – a “Beach Gym”.

Filled with 3 tonnes of washed sand, the indoor “Strandraum” at TG Bornheim is offering fitness classes with a twist. With large posters featuring beach motifs on the walls, it could be easy to forget that you are not in one of Europe’s major financial cities but instead heading out to catch some waves at Huntington Beach, California. Of course, this helps if you have your own surfboard, which is exactly the case for those taking part in the Gym’s “Surf-Fitness” classes.

Frankfurt Beach Gym


Mixing aerobic exercise and gymnastics has apparently been a huge hit with members, with the “wackelt” or “wobbles” of the surf boards being a major challenge for those taking part as well as an opportunity to have some fun. As you might expect, concentration is key, in addition to good posture and balance which is helped by a special non-slip application on the boards which are designed to simulate being on the water. recently featured the Gym, which also has a special post-surf cleaning zone complete with compressed air nozzles, ideal for getting between the toes, ensuring that the beach stays where it is (unlike most day trips to the sea, where the inside of our cars can take on a certain Lawrence of Arabia appearance).

Frankfurt Beach Gym


In addition to the Beach Gym which is in itself spectacular, the new sports center also houses a “Water Gym” featuring a water curtain, while the roof is home to a completely enclosed artificial lawn. At 20 metres high, probably the highest soccer pitch in Frankfurt.

Founded in 1860, TG (Turngemeinde) Bornheim has around 30,000 members and is one of the largest classical gymnastics and sports clubs in Germany. It features 19 sports centers, and offers approximately 1000 hours of sports per week. About 2000 members visit the sports facilities every day.

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