Quiz: How Well Do You Know Germany’s Coast?

Germany’s Baltic Sea (Ostsee) and North Sea (Nordsee) coasts maybe home to gorgeous beaches and some of the finest sand in Europe, but do you know your Sylt from your Rügen, and where do Germans prefer to spend their free time?

Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.

1/10 Let's start: Where can you walk for miles through the mud?

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Along a 450km-long stretch of the north coast of Germany, the water goes out a massive 15km at low tide, revealing a huge expanse of tidal flats and leaving even distant islands high and dry.

2/10 Which island is famous for its chalk cliffs?

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Rügen in the Baltic Sea is Germany's largest island and home to the famous Königsstuhl chalk cliffs.

3/10 Which coast is most popular for Germans?

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In 2017, more than 6.4 million Germans spent their holidays on the Baltic Sea - 5.1 million traveled to the North Sea.

4/10 Which sea has the most international borders?

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Nine countries border the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Seven to the North Sea: France, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

5/10 Now it gets tricky: Where can you buy a FISH bun?

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Fish buns are probably THE most sold food item around the Baltic Sea. You can have yours with Herring (“Bismarck”), Mackerel, Eel and many other variations.

6/10 Where can you find round-hooded beach chairs like these?

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North Sea beach chairs are more straightforward and angular, especially in the design the hood.

7/10 On which coast is this famous lighthouse?

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The lighthouse Westerheversand stands on the peninsula Eiderstedt in Schleswig-Holstein - on the North Sea coast.

8/10 Where is this pier located?
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At more than a kilometer long, the pier connects the promenade at Sankt Peter-Ording to its North Sea beach.

9/10 Which city is this?
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Flensburg! Famous for its beer Flensburger Pilsener, also called "Flens".

10/10 And lastly, where does this bridge lead?
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This is the Fehmarnsund Bridge, which connects the German island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea with the German mainland near Großenbrode.

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