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Oktoberfest Beer Prices Set To Rise?

Munich officials reject beer price cap plan for Oktoberfest.

City officials in Munich on Wednesday denied a request to cap beer prices for Oktoberfest at 10.70 euros (11.80 dollars) per litre for a period of three years.

After a heated debate between officials and organizers of the beer festival, Munich’s Social Democrat mayor Dieter Reiter said that visitors would not drink less beer this year just because the litre price had gone up.

The dpa news agency reported that Josef Schmid, who oversees the Bavarian capital’s annual festival, failed to gain a majority for his plan to cap the price at last year’s highest level for a period of three years.

Lydia Dietrich, a Green party councilor, said she opposed a “beer price brake” because that would lead to other food and drinks becoming more expensive.

Several million one-litre glasses of beer are served up in Munich’s beer tents over a period of three weeks each year.

Oktoberfest beer price

Josef Schmid had to accept a defeat on the subject of the beer price freeze.


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