Germany’s Most Beautiful Pothole to be Peserved

Dazzling tropical colors, miniature plants and a tiny goldfish figure in the middle of it all. What at first glimpse appears to be a magical pond is actually a pothole in the middle of a street.

Artist Maren Doerwaldt prompted debate across Germany when she transformed a pothole in a car park in the city of Moenchengladbach into an idyllic miniature pond landscape and posted the result on Instagram.

Doerwaldt turned a pothole into an idyllic miniature pond landscape and posted the result on Instagram – Photo: Robert Jordan

After fears that what has come to be known as “Germany’s most beautiful pothole” would be destroyed by road authorities ‘fixing’ the pothole, the work of street art will now be allowed to remain as a one-off in the city. Road management authorities say the mini-pond spectacle is now to be saved with the help of a transparent epoxy resin filling. This would make it still visible, but at the same time safe to drive on.

“Basically, of course, we have to ensure traffic safety in Moenchengladbach. Therefore we can already announce that the current procedure must remain a unique exception,” a spokeswoman for the city’s road management company said.

Authorities were quick to caution that not all the city’s potholes can be filled with such a resin. “Any artists who come up with the idea again must be prepared for their works of art to be temporary.” – (dpa)

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