German Pensioner Completes Cardboard City after 65 Years

A 78-year-old German man has completed a city made of cardboard that he began building over six decades ago, he told dpa on Friday.

According to news agency dpa, Karl Sperber, a pensioner in the Bavarian town of Burgebrach, said he had completed an entire cardboard metropolis stretching across 40 square metres. It is now on display in a former furniture store in the town.

Sperber said many buildings he had constructed did not make it into the exhibition due to a lack of space, adding that he would have preferred to have had 100 square metres in which to complete the task.

He has built a total of 4,000 cardboard buildings within the last 65 years. The largest has 90 storeys and measures 70 centimetres in height.

“Some of my friends think I’m crazy,” said Sperber, adding that the practice is a form of relaxation for him. “It’s like fishing.”

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