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Leberkäse – A True German Classic

German Leberkäse (sometimes known as Leberkas or Fleischkäse) is an authentic German snack popular in parts of Bavaria, Austria and parts of Switzerland.

Similar to a frankfurter and the equivalent of North American meatloaf, the name literally translates from German into “liver” (leber) “cheese” (käse) but thankfully contains neither. In fact, it is a simple helping of meat (pork) served in a crispy white bun (three cheers for German bread) and garnished in sweet or hot mustard, whatever your preference.

Where can you find Leberkäse?

In Munich for example, Leberkäse can be found in most markets, train stations and butcher shops found around the city. Most grocery stores also stock a pre-packed version of the food – just go to the refrigerator section and you’ll be sure to find it. Leberkäse is also a real go-to-food for those who have a long train-ride ahead of them or for tourists walking around the city who need a little energy boost and want something affordable and filling to see them on their way. Many Bavarian butchers prepare fresh Leberkäse twice a day. Once for the obligatory mid morning snack with bread and the second time for its afternoon equivalent at 4 pm. Enthusiasts of the meat regard the crisp end crust, the so-called “Scherzel”, as the tastiest bite.

German Leberkäse Meatloaf


Bavarian Leberkäse (liver meatloaf)

The basic ingredients of Bavarian Leberkäse or liver meatloaf comprise roughly stripped beef, fatty pork, lard, water and salt. It is important to note that there’s no liver in Bavarian Leberkäse, although as a rule liver is present in examples made outwith Bavaria. Leberkäse is baked in a rectangular form with a rosé colour within and a dark crust.

Leberkäse German Food


German Leberkäse – Taste Test

To coincide with last year’s Oktoberfest celebrations, German TV channel WDR made an attempt to resolve the issue once and for all as to which Leber should be crowned king of the Käses, by conducting its own taste test on the five leading supermarket brands. Lederhosen and Dirndl were the garments of choice for this crucial scientific experiment. Watch it here.

Leberkase taste test

Source: WDR

Austrians Love Their Leberkas Too

“Vollegas Leberkas” by Austrian group Die Spritbuam has been a huge hit on YouTube with over 900,000 views (and counting). Looks like they had a really good time making the video!  Enjoy…

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