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Fire Engine on Thirst Fighting Mission

Beer based emergency?  This German fire engine can extinguish any type of thirst.

Gerhold Becker and Sonja Heideroth from Borken, a small town in the Schwalm-Eder district in northern Hesse, own a very special kind of vehicle. They have converted a 31 year-old fire engine previously used by the Bavarian fire brigade into a thirst-quenching “Löschauto”.

Originally designed to fight fires, the vehicle can be hired for birthday parties, corporate events or festivals. Instead of water, ice cold beer now flows through its pipes thanks to an in-built cooler, while the owners seem to have thought of everything by also installing a washer system which cleans glasses in just two minutes using hot water.

Germany beer fire engine

Image: Zerhau

Image: lö

The vehicle also comes with two large sunshades, tables and glasses as required, and can supply the majority of available beers upon request.

Apart from its originality, one of the great advantages of the Löschutos is mobility. It can be driven to most locations albeit with a few prerequisites such as the availability of a garden hose (to supply water for the glass washing machine) and of course, a space large enough to accommodate it.

Image: lö

Germany fire engine beer

Gerhold and Marianne Becker and Sonja and Claus Heideroth (from left) manage the Löschauto / Image: Zerhau

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