Do You Like Rock Music?

How one German bar came to be one of the most beloved, rock music venues in the country.

The city of Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia may live under the shadow of its big neighbor Dusseldorf, but a local bar is taking the live music scene by storm.

Located a short walk from the main train station or “Hauptbahnhof” in Solingen, Finox has gained a reputation as a solid live rock music venue and a great place to hang out with friends.  It is also a focal point for the local community in Solingen, playing an important social role. The bar may be small and only holds up to 200 people, but what it lacks in size it makes up in other areas. They have a large selection of reasonably priced drinks, some fantastic Alt Bier, a beer garden, darts, table soccer, pinball, pool, friendly staff and a great area for live music.

Finox rock music

With live rock music at the fore, Finox hosts events nearly every night between Thursday and Sunday. The bar is a place for all bands great and small – those playing their first-ever gig to a packed room of mates or those who have been around for a long time, who sell out the venue and put on an intimate show for their biggest fans.

As well as hosting many international artists and singer songwriters, Finox also strives to support local German bands with regular gigs, in addition to small festivals and parties throughout the year, creating the feel of a big house party in the bar.

If you want to experience a truly German live music scene, mingle with the locals and see some great talent, then Finox is definitely for you.

Finox rock music bar

Check out Finox at Kamper Straße 5, 42699 Solingen.

How to get there: Just a 20 minute ride on the S-Bahn S1 line from Dusseldorf’s main train station to Solingen Hauptbahnhof.

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