The Christmas Story On A Ball

Christmas tree balls are the canvas of choice for this German artist.

Louis Pfeiffer from Oldenburg in Germany has a very special relationship with the Christmas story. He has already written the Gospel of Luke more than 1,000 times – not on paper though, but on glass Christmas tree balls. With an extremely thin white lacquer pencil, the 67-year-old paints the letters meticulously onto a six centimetre ball. “My friends call me the ball scorer,” he says.

Christmas story on a ball

Louis Pfeiffer – the Christmas story on a ball / Image:

The unusual passion began seven years ago, when a friend gave Pfeiffer a hand-written Christmas ball. When he read it, he realized that the story was not complete, which gave him the original idea of writing the entire Christmas story on a ball. After a few unsuccessful attempts he quickly got the hang of it, and now takes just an hour and a half to complete a single ball.

The only concern for Pfeiffer is the availability of glass balls as his main supplier, located in the small mountain village of Lauscha in Thuringia, has closed its operation. Lauscha is the German centre of the traditional craft of glass blowing, and is referred to as the cradle of Christmas tree decorations and baubles made of glass.

The steadiest pair of hands in Germany? / Image:

He is hopeful though of finding another supplier, but thankfully this doesn’t present a major problem given that his house is home to over 3,000 red, golden and silver coloured balls stacked in various boxes and cartons – all ready and waiting for their own Christmas story.


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