Berlin’s Pug Racing Competition To End

A decade of pug-racing or “Mopstreffen” will come to an end in Berlin later this month after the organizer of the specialist doggy sporting event decided this year’s edition will be the last.

Organizing the competition for the wrinkly-faced pooches has become too much work, a spokesman for the event, Thomas Zupan, told German news agency dpa on Sunday.

The future of the event is now “in the stars,” the 61-year-old said.

Berlin pug racing
Image: picture alliance / Gregor Fische

Every competing pug in the race – the 10th edition of which will be held on August 31 – receives an electronically recorded race time, as well as a picture and video of its performance. Organizers say 205 dogs are registered for this year’s event.

“For 10 years we have tried to improve the image of the pug. We have shown that there are healthy pugs that can run 50 metres in 6 seconds, that are athletic and agile,” Zupan said in a statement.

Emma, reigning champion for the past three years, is expected to miss her last chance to defend her title due to health problems. In 2018, the speedy pug smoked her competitors with a race time of 5.866 seconds.

For Zupan, Emma is the “Usain Bolt of pugs.” She is an old German pug, a backbred variety of the breed which has a slightly longer snout and therefore fewer problems with eating and breathing.

Berlin (dpa)

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