400,000 Lego Bricks: German Fans Build Life-Size Model of VW Camper

Visitors who take a closer look at a white Volkswagen camper van on display at a leisure fair in Germany are in for a big surprise.

It looks like the real thing but this life-size, 5-metre camper van is made of Lego bricks – 400,000 of them. The Lego version is the work of professional model builders Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhard.

They toiled for six weeks to get the T2 camper model ready in time for the travel and leisure fair in Bavaria, where more than a thousand exhibitors are presenting RVs, trekking bikes and other holiday essentials.


The pair used 20,000 transparent Lego bricks for the windows and even included a sliding door on the side. The interior is authentic with green seats, a cooking range and cupboards. The iconic pop-up roof is there too.

The original T2a camper was built by VW from 1967 to 1971 and it enjoys cult status among enthusiasts.

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