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Witz Zwei: Thanks, But No Thanks

Still trying to figure out what to get all the little ones on your Christmas list? While we all know that it’s a blessing to get anything, the truth is, there are certain gifts that most parents would rather you give someone else.

Peter ruft seine Tante an: “Ich danke dir für das Geschenk, das du mir zu Weihnachten geschickt hast.” – “Ach”, erwidert die Tante, “das ist doch nicht der Rede wert.” – “Der Meinung war ich auch”, entgegnet Peter, “aber Mami meinte, ich müsste mich auf alle Fälle bei dir bedanken.”


Peter phones his aunt, “Thank you for the gift you sent me for Christmas.” – “Oh,” replies the aunt, “that’s not worth mentioning.” – “I thought so too,” replies Peter, “but Mommy said I’d have to thank you in any case.”

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