Wanted: A Butcher Who Also Chops Trees and Repairs Roads

The city of Laufen in southern Germany has a vacancy. It would like to hire a butcher who can do “tree grooming” work in addition to making sausages and working in the waterworks.

Working with meat is of course one of the tasks that a butcher should be quite familiar with. But what about “repairs and maintenance work on roads, paths and squares” and “wood care work”?

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recently reported on a job advertisement in the city of Laufen, which is currently looking for a full-time butcher for the municipal slaughterhouse. All the key tasks are listed, in addition to a standby service in the yard and in the local waterworks, along with winter maintenance and care are of all urban outdoor facilities including sports facilities and children’s playgrounds.

Seemingly it is not uncommon for small Bavarian municipalities to employ people who can take on a range of small tasks such as operating a hedge trimmer or a lawnmower, or even driving around with a Bauhof vehicle and clearing the snow. Certainly people who can fulfill a variety of small roles are key to small communities everywhere.

Where the confusion (or comedy ) lies here is that the advertisement was worded in such a way that all the various roles and tasks could be interpreted as requiring a professional qualification of some kind. The Resumes will be very interesting reading indeed!

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