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Trier: Home to Germany’s Glühwein Queen

Many millions of cups of Glühwein or mulled wine will be drunk in German Christmas markets, but only in Trier is there an official representative for the popular hot drink. Winegrower Sarah Schmitt (21) wears the crown of the German Glühwein Queen.

Since its inception in 2008, five women have been crowned Germany’s Glühwein or Mulled Wine Queen, being charged with promoting the festive hot drink.

This year Sarah Schmitt from Konz-Filzem, a genuine vintner’s daughter and reigning Saar-Upper Mosel Wine Queen, has assumed the title of German Mulled Wine Queen or “der Deutschen Glühweinkönigin” for the second time.

German Gluhwein Trier Christmas market

Trier’s magical Christmas Market in full swing

Sarah will be the “image of the Trier Christmas Market” and will be a national representative for vintner mulled wine at Germany’s Christmas markets. “I am assuming the office of German Mulled Wine Queen with pleasure and will fulfil it with great delight and commitment because original vintner mulled wine lives up to high quality standards. We can be especially proud that vintner mulled wine has been sold more and more frequently at Christmas markets,” Sarah declared and added, “A high-quality product produced from only the best basic wines that brightens up cold winter evenings with its additional Christmas spices”.

Sarah Schmitt German Glühwein Mulled Wine Queen for 2017

Sarah Schmitt, German Glühwein Wine Queen for 2017

More and more Winzerglühwein at Christmas markets

The Deutsche Weininstitut (German Wine Institute), based in Mainz, confirms a rising trend towards more and more “Winzerglühwein” or mulled wine from local wineries at Christmas markets. German winegrowers now offer mulled wines with their own individual recipes from their own production facilities, many of whom highlight and promote the organic nature of the product.

The fruity red wines from Germany’s wine growing areas are very well suited for an aromatic mulled wine. From a wine law point of view, mulled wine is an ‘aromatised wine-based drink’ made exclusively from red wine or white wine and sweetened and seasoned. The addition of alcohol is just as prohibited as that of water or dyes. The existing alcohol content must be at least 7% by volume and less than 14.5% by volume.

German Gluhwein queen

If you are unable to travel to Trier, not to worry, you can download a signed photograph of Sarah from

With the creation of the “German Mulled Wine Queen”, Winzerglühwein has for the first time an official brand ambassador. While the regency period may only be around four weeks, Sarah still has many important duties and tasks to undertake such as meeting visitors to the Christmas market plus interviews with the press and media. In addition to personal appearances, she also manages to maintain the Facebook page of the Trier Christmas Market. With well over 16,000 Facebook fans, the mulled wine queen has a very special job indeed, maybe second only to Father Christmas himself.

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