The Mosel Valley – A Quick Guide

Welcome To The Mosel!

As this is also my first post to AllesGerman I have chosen to start with one of my favourite places in Germany – the Mosel.

The Mosel Valley is one of Germany’s top wine producing regions and stretches over 200 kilometers from Luxembourg to Koblenz. Named after the winding river that flows through it, its steep vine-covered banks make for a spectacular setting which can be accessed by well established paths and trails.

While the region is easily accessible by road, many visitors choose slightly slower forms of transport to travel along and explore the Mosel – usually bicycle or boat (or a mixture of the two!).

The Mosel cycle route follows the course of the river, offering not only beautiful panoramas but is also almost climb-free. It has the added benefit of being, for the most part, completely separate from the road making it perfect for families with small children.

With  picture-book villages strung out along its banks, many of which provide guest accommodation, great food and their own locally-produced wine, the Mosel Valley is a popular destination for many Germans and to a lesser extent foreign tourists.

The region is steeped in history with many historic sites and castles, and includes Germany’s oldest city – Trier. An ancient Roman capital, Trier is located at the head of the Mosel river near the border with Luxembourg.

The Mosel is of course most famous for its wine, an area that I will look forward to exploring further and writing about over the coming months and into the future.

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