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Deutsche Lebensart – The German Way of Life

When I first started this blog I tried to find a single word or phrase that might encapsulate the German way of living or lifestyle.

Everyone has their own experience, view and perception of German life and culture or “Deutsche Lebensart“.

For me, high living standards, plentiful leisure time, a strong work ethic and a well-funded and structured welfare system distinguish German society. Germany has a highly urbanized society, with lifestyles that emphasize recreational and leisure activities. Many Germans enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits. Soccer is the most popular sport in the nation, and many Germans belong to local soccer clubs. Germans are also known for their love of food, especially rich pastries, veal and pork dishes, and various types of sausages and cheeses. German-made wine and beer are famous all over the world. Also popular are lively social gatherings at outdoor beer or wine gardens.

With over 110 million speakers in Europe, the German language is one of the most important on the continent and is the most widely spoken. Whether you want to learn German to further your career or simply want to make a holiday in a German speaking country more memorable, knowledge of this rich language will undoubtedly be a useful linguistic skill.



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