The Crown of Schönbuch

The Schönbuchturm or “beacon tower” located near Herrenberg is a new 30 metre high architectural attraction made of wood and steel ropes.

The Schönbuch is the oldest natural park in Germany’s Herrenberg region (located within Baden-Württemberg), but so far without a tower or a viewing platform for visitors to enjoy the surrounding panoramic views. This is due to change however. A new 30-meter-high tower with two spiral staircases running upwards is to be built on the Herrenberger Stellberg. From there visitors will be able to look far over the Schönbuch and the Gäu to the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb.

A million euros was originally planned for the construction of the tower but costs have risen to around 1.5 million euros. This has been part financed by the Verband Region Stuttgart and through public donations.  So far, companies from the local area as well as private individuals have donated around half a million euros.

A closer look at the design for the tower / Image:

The developers of the attraction are also offering people the chance to literally leave their mark on the structure by having their name – or the name of a loved one – immortalized on a step. The cost of inscription: €1,000. The ground breaking ceremony or “spatenstich” recently took place, with the structure due to be ready in time for summer 2018.

Schönbuch tower


Once the hunting grounds for the kings of Württemberg, Schönbuch is now an unspoiled oasis for wildlife, such as deer and kingfishers, criss-crossed with hiking and biking paths through the woods, past waterfalls and alongside fast-flowing streams. Visitors can also picnic, cook out at the barbecue areas, and have fun in the numerous playgrounds.

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