Talking Billboard Offers Free Train Tickets

How many times have we heard this story?; a bearded man offers complete strangers a free train ticket to join him on top of a mountain in Central Europe.

Well, at Zurich train station in Switzerland some lucky commuters were offered just that.

In what is an extremely innovative and interactive digital marketing campaign from the tourism board of Graubünden, a talking billboard gave unsuspecting passengers free train tickets when they interacted with the ad.

Connected to a billboard in Zurich’s Central Station by video chat was Ernst, a“mountain man” from the Swiss region, who greeted stunned and amazed passengers, and encouraged them to approach him for a conversation.

Those who did were rewarded: In addition to yodeling for one amused commuter, he also printed out free train tickets for an afternoon trip to the town of Vrin.

Ernst even called some passengers’ employers or teachers to see if they could in fact make the journey to Graubünden, which brands itself as “Switzerland’s number-one holiday destination.”

The end of the advertisement shows the whole group of passengers congregating with Ernst in Vrin.

Switzerland’s Graubunden Tourism developed the idea for the talking billboard with agency Jung von Matt, who are themselves well-known for their clever interactive campaigns designed to publicize the remote mountain region — in the past few years they have created an International Museum of Friendship as well as a worldwide Facebook page for a tiny mountain village.



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