oktoberfest rugby

Oktoberfest Rugby – A Celebration of Sport & Beer

The Oktoberfest Rugby 7s has been held annually in Munich since 1978 and takes place during the middle weekend of the famous two-week beer festival. Munich’s Oktoberfest is the world renowned event which started this year on September 19th and will continue for the next three consecutive weekends finishing on October 4th. For those however …

german stammtisch
Talking German

German Stammtisch – Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Image: digital cat German Stammtisch – An Informal Meeting for German Learners & Speakers. German Stammtisch, language circles, happy hours and conversation groups all have one thing in common: practicing and enjoying German in an informal setting. German conversational groups usually meet in private homes, pubs or restaurants in places …

Tsingtao German Beer
Food & Drink

The Chinese Beer with German “Herkunft”

Tsingtao German Beer – A Chinese Brewery with a Unique History. Tsingtao is the brand name of one of the most popular beers that China produces. Pronounced “Ching Dow”, Tsingtao beer is produced in Qingdao (formerly Tsingtao), a major port city that lies around 400 miles south of Beijing. As …

German Altbier
Food & Drink

Dusseldorf Altbier – Sip Back & Relax

Dusseldorf Altbier: An Institution. Altbier or Alt is a top fermenting beer that originated in the German Westphalia region and later grew in popularity around the Rhineland, and no more so than in Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is perhaps one of the most un-German of German cities. Neither dour nor glitzy nor …