German Castle Museum

Behind The Myths At The German Castle Museum

Located on the Thuringian border with Bavaria, the German Castle Museum aims to get behind the myths and legends that surround many of Germany’s majestic castles and haunted ruins, to reveal the everyday life of the people who lived in them. Bad Colberg, Germany (dpa) – Siege ladders and medieval armour, Gothic …

lederhosen world record

German Folk Festival Breaks Record for Dirndl and Lederhosen

German town makes it into the Guinness book of records. The Bavarian town of Beilngries has broken the record for the number of people appearing dressed in traditional costume, with 3,414 people turning up in dirndl and lederhosen for the Trachtenweltrekord attempt at the town’s recent folk festival. The previous record …

German Leberkäse with bread
Food & Drink

Leberkäse – A True German Classic

German Leberkäse (sometimes known as Leberkas or Fleischkäse) is an authentic German snack popular in parts of Bavaria, Austria and parts of Switzerland. Similar to a frankfurter and the equivalent of North American meatloaf, the name literally translates from German into “liver” (leber) “cheese” (käse) but thankfully contains neither. In fact, it …