Stuttgart’s Smallest Gallery – German Art From Chewing Gum Machines

Have one euro to spare? You could be the proud owner of a mini masterpiece courtesy of Stuttgart’s first art dispenser.

German streetscapes are dotted with defunct chewing-gum vending machines. Often bright red or pink in colour, with contents that usually look less than appetizing, they are a relic from a by-gone era when chewing gum was popular.

A group of artists in the German city of Stuttgart have taken recycling to a new level by breathing new life into these abandoned machines, and filled them with art instead of chewing gum. Tourists and locals can now buy pocket-sized German art for the bargain price of just one euro.

The machines contain little plastic egg-shaped capsules that contain whimsical items such as short stories or even jewellery made from teeth rather than pearls, reports the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper. Due to the large number of artists involved in the project, no one “egg” is ever the same, and usually feature information on the artist and sometimes instructions depending on the art itself.

Former chewing-gum and sweet vending machines re-used in the service of art have also been spotted in the German capital, Berlin.

German art from chewing gum machines

Local Stuttgart artist Anna Ruza at the “Kunst-Automaten” / Image: Eibner-Pressefoto

German art from chewing gum machines

German Street Art –  On The Go & In Demand / Image: Silas Stein


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