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Das Jahr geht zu Ende

The song “Das Jahr geht zu Ende” (The Year Comes to an End) by Rolf Zuckowski is  a popular and classic tune for German families at this time of year.

Rolf Zuckowski is one of the most famous and best loved children’s singer-songwriters in Germany, with Das Jahr geht zu Ende taken from his 1993 album “Dezemberträume” or “December Dreams“. The album reached number 8 in the German music charts, selling over 1 million copies, and achieved double platinum status in the process.

Born in Hamburg in 1947, Rolf’s musical career began with the band “The beAthovens” who released one album in 1967 titled Happy to be Happy. After graduating in economics he worked for International Music Publishers Hans Sikorski, all the while continuing to compose music and write lyrics for several successful artists.

His first record for children, “Rolfs Vogelhochzeit” (Rolf’s Wedding of the Birds), was released in 1978. His birthday song “Wie schön, dass du geboren bist” (“How wonderful it is that you are born”) is one of his most popular recordings and has acquired the status of a folk song in Germany. Many songs followed and Rolf and his music soon became very popular with live audiences as well as on the radio and television.

Rolf Zuckowski

German Singer-Songwriter Rolf Zuckowski / Photo: ddp images

Rolf has released 40 albums to date and sold over 13 million records. In 1994 he set up his own company under the umbrella of the Universal Music Group. He was awarded the German Echo record prize in 1994 and received further prizes for his musical projects promoting road safety. In 2005 he was awarded the cross of merit for his continuous efforts to involve children in music throughout their childhood as well the Echo Lifetime Achievement award in 2008.

Rolf Zuckowski’s compositions accompany the daily life of German children. Children relate to his songs, feel that they are being taken seriously and simply love the beautiful melodies. As well as kids, Rolf also writes and sings songs for adults. Today he sees himself as a singer songwriter for the whole family. He is married, has three children and two grandchildren.

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Rolf Zuckowski – Das Jahr geht zu Ende – (with translation below)


Um vier wird’s schon dunkel,
der Wind weht von Ost,
die Luft schmeckt schon lange nach Schnee.
Die Stadt ist geschmückt,
spielt noch immer verrückt,
und sagt rastlos der Weihnacht ade.

Das Jahr geht zu Ende,
die Kerzen verglühn,
doch das Licht leuchtet weiter in dir.
Das Jahr geht zu Ende,
die Kerzen verglühn,
doch das Licht leuchtet weiter in dir.

Du merkst, es ist wirklich schon wieder so weit,
und spürst, wie es kribbelt im Blut.
Du denkst an das Jahr,
siehst noch einmal was war,
und du fragst dich: War’s schlecht oder gut?

Das Jahr geht zu Ende …

Und strahlt dann am Abend noch einmal der Baum,
dann leuchten die Augen so hell.
Die Zukunft erwacht
aus dem Dunkel der Nacht,
und die Träume verfliegen so schnell.

Das Jahr geht zu Ende .


At four ‘s getting dark,
the wind was blowing from the east,
the air tastes for a long time on
the snow,
The city is decorated,
plays still crazy, and restlessly says Christmas goodbye.

The year comes to an end,
candles burn out,
but the light remains lit in you.
The year comes to an end,
candles burn out,
but the light remains lit in you.

You realize it’s really already so far,
and feel how it tingles in the blood.
You’re thinking of the year,
see what was once,
and you ask yourself:
Was it bad or good?

The year comes to an end …

And then shines in the evening once the tree,
then light up the eyes so bright.
Awakens the future
from the darkness of nigh ,
and the dreams evaporate as quickly.

The year comes to an end …

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