May The Helmet Be With You

New Road Safety Campaign in Germany.

In the battle for road safety in Germany, the Federal Transport Ministry has turned to a powerful ally in an attempt to encourage more children and young people to wear bicycle helmets.

Star Wars villain Darth Vader is featured in a new poster campaign with a slogan that translates as “The saga continues, thanks to the helmet. True for every galaxy and on a bike.”

The German transport ministry came up with the idea of using Darth Vader, arguing that the Star Wars baddie “was the most famous helmet-wearer in the galaxy.” Star Wars fans will also remember that when Vader did remove his helmet, it was curtains for the Sith Lord, although it has turned up in the trailer for the new movie The Force Awakens looking a bit worse for wear.

According to the transport industry’s own figures, a third of children under 10 don’t wear a helmet when riding a bicycle and only 7 percent of Germans aged 17-30 wear one.

As many loyal Star Wars will know, George Lucas (the creator of the franchise) sold his production company Lucasfilm to Disney back in 2012. It’s good to hear that Disney Deutschland and Lucasfilm are backing the safety campaign, and are letting the German government use Darth Vader’s image free of charge in the process.

The location of the posters in Germany can be viewed via this link . It would be great to get some more pictures online, so if you’re lucking enough to be passing (or cycling) by, think safety first and send them to or post to my Twitter account.

Möge die Macht mit dir sein!

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