Rent a Beachfront Bed for the Ultimate Seaview

Visitors to Germany’s North Sea and Baltic Sea resorts have long been intrigued by the sight of small boxy shelters dotting the beaches. A new design offers visitors a chance to literally sleep under the stars – the beachfront bed.

They usually have a wicker basket main frame, a roof that can be tipped backwards, colorfully striped upholstered seating inside, foot rests to help bathers to lean back and enjoy the sea view, and even small foldable tables for a beverage and maybe a book: the “Strandkorb” or beach chair deluxe.

It’s a German invention and has been virtually a cult institution on German beaches for well over a century. Bathers rent the strandkorb for a day and make it their home base for their seaside recreation. But now comes a new twist to this – the “Schlafstrandkorb,” a sleeping version of the beach chair for those who want an overnight stay right on the beach, listening to the waves and, through bulls-eye windows, watching the sea and stars.

Germany beachfront bed


The schlafstrandkorb is larger than the standard strandkorb – a good two metres long and 1.3 metres wide – and can be completely opened up, like a car convertible, but also completely closed at night for privacy and to protect against the elements.

The result of brainstorming at a marketing workshop held by the Schleswig-Holstein Tourism Agency, the schlafstrandkorb is slowly but steadily spreading and can now be found in such resorts as Timmendorf, Eckernfoerde and the island of Fehmarn on the Baltic Sea; and Husum, Buesum and the island of Foehr on the North Sea. Operators rent out the schlafstrandkorbs, and the deal also includes keys to nearby toilet and shower facilities.

The schlafstrandkorb experience is even being offered by one hotel on the Timmendorf beach as a special extra treat for guests. They can have an evening meal of a bottle of wine, cheese, fresh fruits and snacks delivered directly to them, and can also order breakfast in bed for the next morning. Afterwards, they don’t have far to go for their first swim.

Germany beachfront bed

Gute Nacht!

Thanks – Berlin (dpa)

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