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Oktoberfest Beer Price Freeze

Good news for fans of the Maß. The beer price is not expected to rise at this year’s Oktoberfest.

For the first time in years the city of Munich wants to limit the beer price at the Oktoberfest. According to the plans of Munich Mayor Josef Schmid, who is responsible for Oktoberfest, the beer measure on the Wiesn will cost a maximum of 10.70 euros up to and including 2019 – as much as last year.

The many tents (or hosts) are expected to pay much higher leases in future in order to cover the increased costs for the organization of the festival, mainly as a result of increased safety precautions, and there is a concern that this may be passed onto consumers through higher beer prices, as reported in the Frankfurter Allgemeine.

oktoberfest higher beer prices

Image: dpa

The city this year wants to collect a total of around EUR 8 million instead of 3.5 million from the Wiesn hosts. The costs for the organisation of the festival are expected to have increased by about 5 million euros last year alone.

Schmid wants to replace the existing standing charge for the beer tents, which is based on the square metre, with a sales lease. When the plans come through, it is expected that smaller exclusive tents could pay more, such as those selling wine and champagne. An olive branch has however been offered to the hosts, with Mayor Schmid wanting to extend Oktoberfest by one extra day: instead of ending on the Sunday as usual, 2017’s Oktoberfest would continue until the end of the Monday.

oktoberfest beer price increaeses

The plans would freeze Oktobefest beer prices up until and including 2019 / Image: Stephan Rumpf

However, the changes have not yet been finalized. Mayor Schmid will now present the concept with the three points (beer price freeze, sales lease and extension of the event to the Monday) to Munich’s city council, which will make a decision on the proposals in May this year.

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