New Online Booking System for Alpine Mountain Huts

Alpine Mountain Huts Now Available To Book Anytime, Day or Night.

Berlin (dpa) – Hikers will be happy to know that booking mountain huts in the German Alps has just been made a whole lot simpler.

An online system pioneered in Swiss Alpine clubs has now been extended to close neighbours Germany and Austria.

Hikers can now use an online portal to search for huts with vacant bunks in 91 club-owned huts across these three Alpine countries. They can book at any time of the day or night, as long as it’s by 6pm on the evening before arrival and the hut has a stable internet connection.

As of writing there are 16 huts in Austria, 6 in Germany and 69 huts in Switzerland represented on the joint booking platform. It is expected that 40 more huts in Austria and Germany will join shortly bringing the total to over 130 and counting.

Alpine mountain huts online

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