Could You Get YOUR Bicycle To The Other Side?

New Cycle Path Layout in Düsseldorf Raises Some Eyebrows.

At first glance, a redesign of the main intersection in Düsseldorf’s central district of Bilk looks pretty confusing. Anywhere else in the world, and even the most confident of cyclists might have second thoughts before attempting to navigate this busy road that also has to allow access for both trams and road vehicles. This is Germany of course, and every care has been given to ensure safe passage of cyclists around and across the intersection through the use of a dedicated set of “cycle lights”.

The new road markings have been discussed widely on social media, in a city where the number of cyclists has grown considerably in recent years. While websites such as and provide an exhaustive resource for cycling routes in Düsseldorf, for those wish to explore the city by bicycle it is possible to arrange a guided bike tour via the main tourist office.

New Dusseldorf Cycle Path

Could You Get Your Bicycle To The Other Side? / Photo: Christoph Reichwein


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