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Morgenmuffel – Or How Not To Wake Up In The Morning

Morgenmuffel Meaning

Morgen means “morning,” and a Muffel is a grumpy, sullen person.

Some blame the Monday morning blues while others blame an individual’s outlook on life. Usually there is no definitive reason for waking up in a grumpy mood. You just do.

For those of us whose first language is English, we tend to call someone who is cheerful in the earliest hours of the day a morning person, but we don’t have an exact term those who are grumpy and cross between the buzz of the alarm clock and the first cup of coffee. Germans do however, and that word is Morgenmuffel.

In an extreme case it can be impossible to even carry on a conversation with a Morgenmuffel until around midday or at least prior to the first caffeine charge.

morgenmuffel meaning

The trusted cure for most Morgenmuffel sufferers.

The word Morgenmuffel is used so widely in the German language that there has even been a song dedicated to it (still working on the translation, but you get the gist). Here is Austrian ensemble “Lechner Buam”  with Der Morgenmuffel:

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