Kinderhotels of Southern Germany & Austria – Better Than The Beach

With fresh mountain air, numerous outdoor activities, facilities for children of all ages and plenty of that all important summer sunshine, the Kinderhotels of Southern Germany and Austria make for a great family vacation.

Think of summertime in Bavaria or the Austrian Alps and your thoughts drift to meadows awash in yellow wildflowers and alpine roses to brilliantly colorful floral displays adorning the gorgeously carved wooden balconies of traditional picture-postcard chalets. All this surrounded by snow capped peaks and verdant, green valleys speckled with grazing animals and pretty little villages. Coupled with magnificent scenery and historic sights of picturesque cities makes this one of Europe’s most popular locations to visit.  For many non-German families though, a beach holiday tends to be the preferred option when planning the annual vacation, with all the “little extras” this sometimes brings such as packed flights, crowds, fast food, noisy hotels etc.

Kinder Hotels provide a super alternative in that they are exclusively geared towards family holidays.

family kinderhotels

Located predominantly in the Alpine regions of Austria (plus just over the border in Bavaria, Germany), Kinderhotels, as the name suggests (Kinder means children in German) are all about the kids and offer unparalleled services, staff, healthy dining options (for children & adults) and fun for all ages. While English is spoken at all Kinderhotels, it’s also the perfect opportunity for children to be immersed in a foreign culture and maybe even pick up a bit of German.

While the majority of hotels are independently owned, many are affiliated with and are required to meet a strict set of criteria and quality standards. As of writing, there are 48 affiliated hotels overall in Europe with 41 in Austria and 3 in Germany.

From personal experience, our family having previously stayed at a Kinderhotel during a summer vacation (Ellmauhof Familienresort in Austria), we found the level of service & facilities exceptional with every effort made to make to keep both the small and big kids (us included here) happy. The panoramic setting in the local valley was the icing on the cake and made it a truly fantastic holiday.

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