Hannover – Where a Ghost Lies Under Your Feet

Hannover’s Unfinished Underground Station – One Ghost Tour You Won’t Want To Miss.

Located deep underground, Hannover’s Central Railway Station is one of the city’s lesser known tourist attractions – the “Geisterbahnhof” or “Ghost Station”. Originally built in the early 1970s as a station for Hannover’s planned “D” light rail line, the project was never completed due to lack of funds and the line to this day has yet to be constructed.

The issue is still hotly debated in Hannover as to whether the line will ever be finished, but this appears increasingly unlikely as current discussions form around the development of new  rail links above ground. For the time being though, it provides both tourists and locals alike the chance to explore a part of Hannover where time essentially stopped over 40 years ago, and where trains might only been seen in the shadows.

Access to this unfinished underground station is via an organised tour only. Stattreisen Hannover provides walking tours in English with the meeting point at the Einst-August-Monument, located at the Central Station, and ending at Raschplatz.  The tour lasts around 2 hours.

“Ghost Station” is a colloquial name for a station that has never been put into operation or, while structurally sound and in running order, is no longer in operation. In Germany, these mainly include underground stations and are usually as a result of traffic planning or organizational reasons. Berlin however presented a special case due to the construction of the Berlin wall in 1961, up to its fall in 1989 is, as numerous subway and train stations were completely shut down due to the division of the city.


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