Germany’s Walkable Rollercoaster – Are You a Tiger or a Turtle?

No Need to Strap Yourself In On This Walkable Rollercoaster.

If you are terrified of roller coasters, but still have a head for heights, this is definitely one way to experience the thrill. The first impression given by this immense sculpture is that it’s like any other roller coaster, with twists and turns and the ever-thrilling loop-the-loop. A closer look however reveals that this is no ordinary coaster – to get going all you need to do is start walking.

Duisburg rollercoaster scultpture walk

Germany’s walkable rollercoaster? Source:

Located in Duisburg, Germany, this walkable coaster has been built on top of a mining waste tip at the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Height in the Angerpark. Opened in 2008, visitors can climb on the curved sculpture and walk around, taking in the surrounding views from the spiral walkways – but not at the usual breakneck speed usually associated with roller coasters.

Named ‘Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain, the 20-metre landmark was designed to be a focal point for the Ruhr region and stands 85 metres above sea level. While the law of physics doesn’t allow for full passage around the loop, visitors can still get that amusement park thrill at the speed of a turtle, on a structure that represents the “roar” of a tiger.

There are 249 steps on the walkway, which is 220 metres long in total, and LED lights illuminate the handrails at night. In total, about 120 tons of galvanised steel was used to make the sculpture which is supported by 17 posts.

Ulrich Genth, creator of the €2m project, said: ‘The roller coaster stands for acceleration and high speed of a tiger but the visitor has to explore it step by step like a turtle.’  His co-designer Heike Mutter added: ‘The sculpture is an optical experience even from far away and yet it can be walked on via the steps.’

walking rollercoaster Germany


Germanys walking roller coaster


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Germany walking rollercoaster



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