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Germany’s Ice Cold Curry

Germany has a national obsession with curry, most famously in the form of the Currywurst. One ice cream maker from the German city of Saarbrücken however has come up with an unconventional new variety: Maggi curry ice cream.

The creamy cold treat is served in a cup with salt crackers. But the real innovation is the garnishes on offer: curry powder, salt, pepper and, of course, Maggi. Uwe Hoffmann (54) dreamed up the iced dairy homage to the famous seasoning brand.

“[Locals in the German state of Saarland] eat Maggi with almost everything,” explains the trained chef. He says they sprinkle the packets of powder on everything from pasta to salad, from soups and to pizza. They even add it to their eggs at breakfast.

Germany curry ice cream

Decorated with tomato, basil, Liebstöckel and salt crackers: the Maggi ice cream from Saarland / Image: dpa

A spokesperson for Frankfurt-based Maggi confirmed Hoffmann’s assertion: residents of Saarland do consume an above-average quantity of its products.

Hoffmann knows that his concoction will likely be divisive. “Loads of people love it, others can’t stand it.”
According to the Italian ice cream makers’ association Uniteis, Maggi ice cream is unlikely to become a sustainable hit. Novelty varieties tend not to stick around, explains the body’s general secretary Giorgio Cendron.

Eklig oder Lecker? What do some of Uwe’s customers think?

Chiara Greff (12): “I usually eat everything with Maggi, but the ice cream doesn’t taste great.” / Photo: Simon Mario Avenia

Trudel Röhrig (92): “That tastes good. And is something different.” / Photo: Simon Mario Avenia

Sascha Müller (30): “It tastes terrible! Maggi in beef soup yes, not in ice cream.” / Photo: Simon Mario Avenia

Thanks – Trier, Germany (dpa) and The World News

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