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German Stammtisch – Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

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German Stammtisch – An Informal Meeting for German Learners & Speakers.

German Stammtisch, language circles, happy hours and conversation groups all have one thing in common: practicing and enjoying German in an informal setting. German conversational groups usually meet in private homes, pubs or restaurants in places across the world.  Such Stammtisch groups do however have a regular agreed meeting place and time, and may meet once a week, every two weeks or even monthly.

Friends and Conversation – in German

In Germany, a Stammtisch is a table reserved for regular customers at a restaurant or pub. It is usually designated by a  “Stammtisch” sign standing at the center of the table.  There can be all kinds of Stammtisch. There are those simply for friends to drink together or those for specific interest groups – say a “philosophy discussion Stammtisch” or a “stamp collectors Stammtisch”.

Most German Stammtisch groups nowadays tend to have a Facebook page, Twitter account or some form of online presence. Googling “stammtisch group +your town/city” should be enough to find your local one.

Haben Spaß Deutsch Zu Sprechen!

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