German Beach Surfs Up The Ultimate Surprise

Kids Rush To German Beach As Thousands Of Kinder Surprise Toy Eggs Wash Up On The Shore.

German children got the Kinder Surprise of a lifetime as literally thousands of small toy eggs washed up on the coast of Langeoog, an island on Germany’s northern coast. Deutsche Welle reported that Langeoog, which is located on the Germany-Netherlands border along the North Sea, became the site of an unexpected egg invasion after a storm called Axel buffeted the north of Germany. The storm caused flooding in coastal areas, but in Langeoog it also brought a surge of Kinder eggs that originated from a Danish freight container, which had lost some of its cargo in the maelstrom.  Usually Kinder Surprise eggs contain a chocolate shell and outer wrapper, but these had washed off in the storm. Amazingly though, the plastic surprise-containing “yolks” remained intact, which contain a small toy that a child has to assemble.

Though manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, Kinder Surprise eggs are particularly beloved in Germany, but not so in the United States due to the product’s small toy parts which the FDA say could be a choking hazard.

German beach kinder eggs

Eggstravaganza on German Beach / Image:

German beach eggs

Überraschung für Kinder und Erwachsene am Sandstrand von Langeoog / Image:

German beach toy eggs

An early Easter Egg hunt was enjoyed by some German families / Image:

Kinder Surprise Eggs in their natural habitat

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