Free Drinking Water for Hamburg Airport Passengers

Hamburg Airport, in cooperation with Hamburg Wasser,  is now providing free drinking water for passengers.

It’s a regular air-traveller annoyance – passengers can only take a maximum of 100 millilitres of liquid through security with them, but once they get through the security checks, a glass of water at a shop or bar is often very expensive.  Flying is thirsty work and since it’s important to stay hydrated when on a plane, that’s an assault on either your health or your wallet.

The EU Commission has urged European airports to offer reasonably priced water after the security checks – for around 1 euro per serving. But there is no legal obligation for them to do so.

Hamburg Airport in Germany has now responded by installing four new drinking water dispensers offering cooled water for free inside the security area. Two drinking water dispensers are located in the security area of the airport at the gates in the northern and southern passenger pier, with two more installed in the baggage claim area. The four new drinking water dispensers make it easier for passengers to make sure they drink enough whilst travelling.

“Hamburg Airport is one of the first public transport ports in Germany to offer free drinking water,” said Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of the airport. “With this we meet the desire of our passengers, which increases service quality as well as customer satisfaction.”

Hamburg Airport free drinking water

One of the four new drinking-water dispensers offering cooled water for free inside the security area at Hamburg Airport / Credit: Michael Penner

“Thanks to the new water dispensers in Hamburg, passengers will have the choice between free drinking water and the discounted mineral water offered at the shops at the airport,” said Eggenschwiler.  As with most airports however, the prices there are still significantly higher than in the supermarket.  Hamburg Wasser sources its drinking water 100-percent from ground water and continuously monitors the quality in an in-house laboratory. Hamburg Airport’s drinking water is supplied  Wasserwerk Walddörfer, which supplies groundwater from a depth of 145 to 370 meters.

With the hashtag #hh2o2go, passengers can share their pictures and memories with the new service on social media.

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