End Of The Line For Locomore?

Frankfurt to Berlin for only 22 Euros – green electricity, fair trade coffee and themed areas. Locomore wanted to be an alternative to Germany’s main train operator Deutsche Bahn. After just five months though, the company has decided to call it a day.

With a “sad heart”, independent train operator Locomore filed for bankruptcy on Thursday. The company had started operations back in December 2016 and drove once a day from Stuttgart to Berlin and back. Along the journey the train also made stops in Hessen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt South, Hanau, Fulda and Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. In addition to offering tickets at extremely competitive prices, a key selling point for many passengers was the fact the trains used 100% green electricity and housed themed-cars based on hobbies or interests such as sports, board games, knitting and languages.

The company said that although both the number of passengers and the revenue per passenger had been growing steadily, it was not fast enough to be fully cost-effective. The problem had been compounded by a number of technical problems during operation.

Through crowdfunding on the internet, Locomore had collected more than 600,000 euros as starting capital for the venture. Now the company hopes to “develop ideas for the continuation of the Locomore train”.

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