Ediger-Eller Germany, Beautiful Village on the Mosel

Ediger-Eller, Germany.

The numerous villages on the Mosel River hug its meandering banks, with some extending upwards onto the steep vineyards behind which are renowned worldwide for producing some truly fantastic wines.

With many of the houses featuring original half-timbered designs, these quaint little villages are reminiscent of a time long past, and for many tourists an unexpected treat particularly for those that have only previously visited Germany’s modern cities. Combined with medieval castles, breathtaking scenery, locally produced food and an abundance of top quality wines (almost every house appears to have its own vineyard of some type or description) the villages on the Mosel river provide an opportunity to explore and unwind.

It is very hard to select one Mosel village over another, as they all have their own unique charm and character, but one of my personal favourites has to be Ediger-Eller.

Ediger Eller Mosel Wine Village

Ediger-Eller Germany – part of the Mosel Wine Route

The village is nestled in an impressive landscape of vineyards, meadows and woods, and is an attractive holiday destination right in the heart of the Calmont Region.  Ediger-Eller is famous for its exceptional wines and locally produced food, all of which can be sampled in its cosy restaurants and guesthouses. A well-serviced campsite is also located just on the outskirts of the village, next to the river, and is particularly popular with German families.

ediger eller mosel

Ediger-Eller’s charming timber framed houses

Like all the villages on the Mosel, wine festivals take place in Ediger-Eller throughout the year. The main village square becomes the focal point with a covered marquee with each wine festival lasting between  3-4 days and features both traditional and popular music, locally produced food and of course wine (which can be purchased by the glass should you wish, making it a great opportunity to sample from the extensive range of quality wines which are produced from local vineyards).

If you are lucky enough to be in Ediger-Eller during the August wine festival, the event pays particular homage to the people that first brought the vine to the Mosel – the Romans. The wine festival culminates in a tribute to the Roman god  of agriculture and wine, “Bacchus”, with many locals wearing replica Roman Centurion costumes who at the end of the night carry aloft by chair a nominated “Bacchus” from the marquee to the river, who sails off to vineyards new.

The next morning is dedicated to locally baked cakes  “kuchen”  and coffee – such a contrast to the night before. Everyone is allowed to let their hair down one night of the year, even on the Mosel.

Ediger Eller Wine Festival

Getting ready for the Wine Festival – “Weinfest” stage (Ediger-Eller in the background)

Ediger Eller Germany

Ediger-Eller Germany – one of the most beautiful villages on the Mosel

Further information on Ediger-Eller Germany: Official Ediger-Eller Tourism Website (includes English version). Ediger-Eller camp site.



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