Love On The Rhein (Bahn)

Couple Wed on Dusseldorf Tram.
Dusseldorf Tram Marriage

The Dusseldorf Tram or “Rheinbahn” is a prominent feature on the city’s roads and plays a crucial role in the lives of thousands of Dusseldorf commuters. For one Dusseldorf couple however, this iconic feature of the city has played a much larger and unexpected role in their lives, with some help courtesy of a bag of fries.

For Christian and Clara Tesic it was “love at first bite” when the couple first met back in 2007 while waiting for the U75 tram. Christian it seems was just settling down to a burger and fries when his eyes caught hers, and being a true gent, offered to share his meal with her.

Since then, the U75 Rheinbahn has continued to be a focal point in their lives with Christian having proposed to Clara on the tram itself (by hiding the ring in a bag of fries no less) while the couple also decided it would be the perfect place to tie the knot, courtesy of an original tram dating back to 1926.

Wir wünschen Ihnen ein wunderbares gemeinsames Leben.

Photos: Malte Krudewig.


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