Dusseldorf Fun Fair – Summer on the Rhine

The Rhein Kirmes – Dusseldorf Fun Fair.

Attracting more than 4 million visitors annually, the “Größte Kirmes am Rhein” or Largest Fair on the Rhine is a Dusseldorf Funfair which proudly claims to be one of Germany’s biggest fun fairs. Taking place in the summer time during the third week in July, the fun fair is situated on the Rhine meadows opposite Dusseldorf’s Atsdtadt, in the district Düsseldorf-Oberkassel.

The fun fair is organized and managed by the St. Sebastian shooting club in Düsseldorf, with a history that dates back almost 700 years and which currently has around  1,500 members.  The fair features food and beer tents, amusement park rides (for young and old), local products, etc. as well as 10 days of various associated events and activities.

The highlight of the funfair is the historical parade, celebrating the Club’s patron St. Apollinarisone, and is a joy to behold and is one of the biggest and most spectacular in Germany, with over 3,000 uniformed marksmen, bands and horse drawn carriages.  For many visitors, another special event is the sensational fireworks display that takes place above Dusseldorf city.

With the masses huddled along the banks of the Rhine, it can be a struggle to find the the best place to view the fireworks. How about  from the middle of the river?  The elegant “MS Riverstar”, whose wood and brass fittings hark back to the glory days of travel, is available to charter but can only accommodate 170 passengers. The ship’s large deck provides those lucky enough to get a ticket with an unobstructed view for watching the fireworks display in the night sky over the city.

Dusseldorf Fun Fair 2015 Dates: 17–26 July 2015.

dusseldorf fun fair firework display

Firework Display over the River Rhine, Dusseldorf

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