Catering to Canines and Cats – Berlin’s Pets Deli

Pets Deli, in Berlin’s upmarket Gruenewald district, is a new restaurant offering gourmet meals designed specifically for cats and dogs.

The deli for pets, aptly called Pets Deli, boasts a classic deli counter and a chalkboard menu. Just like the regular deli designed for us humans, dogs themselves now have the chance to decide what they want to eat, with options including meat, greens and carbs. Beef, turkey, kangaroo, broccoli, berries, rice, potatoes, and more, are all approved by a nutrition expert on staff. There are also desserts like cupcakes, and because dogs know when it’s the holiday season, Pets Deli even served Christmas cookies.

Meals are price between €3 – €6 (roughly USD $4 – $8), and can be ordered to stay (provided in metal bowls) or carried out in plastic containers.

Think the idea is a little over-the-top? Owner David Spanier argues the business is a labor of love, starting it up after he realized his own dog could not digest traditional pet food sold in stores. And don’t worry, humans aren’t completely ignored here—you can always sip on a hot cup of coffee while Fido gets his health fix.

Pet Deli Berlin

Source: Pets Deli / Facebook

Doggy Deli Berlin

Source: Pets Deli / Facebook

Source: Pets Deli / Facebook

The business appears to be going from strength-to-strength with Project A Ventures recently reporting that the Berlin-based start up has secured an eight figure investment to help finance its continued growth and planned future expansion.

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