Berlin Radbahn – A Paradise for Cyclists

The Berlin Radbahn is a proposed 9km long covered cycle route under elevated sections of the city’s U1 underground line.

The concept, developed by Radbahn Berlin, is simple: to use the undeveloped space under Berlin’s existing elevated U1 rail line for use by cyclists. If developed, this new cycle route would run from the Zoologischer Garten metro station in City-West, to Warschauer Straße in the east. In doing so it would connect the districts of Charlottenburg, Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

The project, when completed, would also provide Berliners with their first (partly) covered bike path in the German capital, giving cyclists some protection during the winter commute.

Berlin Radbahn

Photo: Radbahn Berlin

As well as creating a “green-corridor” in the centre of the city, it is also hoped that the Berlin Radbahn will encourage and foster a mini-economy along the route with the establishment of cafes, rest stops, bicycle repair workshops and even beer gardens. In turn creating a new social scene within the city.

Hanging Cycle Route

How The Supported Cycle Route Might Look / Photo: Radbahn Berlin

120-years-old, the elevated U1 railway line is one of the most recognised icons in Berlin. This famous metro line connects the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with the western part of Berlin and Kurfürstendamm. It runs from Station Warschauer Straße in Kreuzberg to Station Uhlandstraße in Berlin’s district Charlottenburg. The eastern part of the route, which is built above ground, is the oldest section of Berlin’s U-Bahn network.

While not fully developed, around 80% of the proposed route is already used by cyclists, and the team leading the project hope to get enough public and political support to turn this vision into a reality.


Mock-up Illustrations Show the Cycle Path Suspended from Elevated Railway Viaducts / Photo: Radbahn Berlin

Berlin cycle route

Section of the Existing Cycle Route in Berlin / Photo: Jen Osborne

Berlin Radbahn – Artistic Impression Showing Before & After Images


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