Dusseldorf weekly market
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Düsseldorf Carlsplatz Market – A Feast for the Senses

Düsseldorf Carlsplatz Market. Occupying an entire square in Düsseldorf’s old town (Altstadt), this former farmer’s market is a must-go place for tourists and locals like. Selling all kinds of things, from  fresh fruit and vegetables to cheese, bread and pastries, the place is a food lover’s paradise. Like all good …

the german way of life
Talking German

Deutsche Lebensart – The German Way of Life

When I first started this blog I tried to find a single word or phrase that might encapsulate the German way of living or lifestyle. Everyone has their own experience, view and perception of German life and culture or “Deutsche Lebensart“. For me, high living standards, plentiful leisure time, a …